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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

February 19, 2021
7:00 pm
- 8:30 pm

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

During this ceremony we honor and welcome in plant medicine, Cacao.

Cacao has been used in ancient ceremonies for thousands of years. It’s active ingredient theobromine, is translated to “Food of the Gods”

Cacao connects us to our Heart Chakra. You will be guided you into Sacred Neutrality, with deep breath work and awakening each chakra. Allowing transformational shifts in consciousness, we enter into Sacred Neutrality, also know as the Zero Point.

In the state of Sacred Neutrality, you find bliss, answers and a deeper sense of awakening.

Benefits of Spiritual Cacao

It allows you to open your Heart chakra. It also heightens meditation helping to bring you into Sacred Neutrality. Also brings peace as well as awareness to emotions that are stuck causing you physical pain.

The difference between Cacao and Regular Chocolate

Both come from the same source, the cacao fruit. The difference lies in the processing.

Cacao is heated under lower temperatures, allowing the nutrients, antioxidants to be preserved.

During the Cacao processing, the plant is honored for its healing abilities.

A Cacao ceremony allows you to experience a soul healing journey. Impacting your soul body connection.

Mayan used Cacao ceremonies to awaken ones inner self.

Upcoming Event:

The Sacred Cacao Ceremony will be guided by the amazing Lisa Jardine, Reiki Master, Huna Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. 

Friday, February 19th from 7-8:30pm

Cost: $55 +hst

Location: Holistic Harmony – 195 Norseman Street, Unit 19, Etobicoke

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