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Andrea has been amazingly helpful! In just few sessions, she helped me heal from different things such as parasites and candida overgrowth. She also helped my 20 months old to overcome his food intolerances such as dairy, baker yeast, corn, etc. Getting a BIE treatment improved his skin which is no longer itchy with rashes. At the end of the day, he started to go to a daycare with a food allergy form totally blank! She always has been amazing with us: providing toys to Samuel, being very patient and caring. She’s definitely the best Nutritionist I've ever met.
Andrea is a wonderfully authentic and lively holistic health practitioner. She helped me reach a greater sense of well-being and balance by using B.I.E. Our regular sessions helped regulate some of my health imbalances and thus reduce my symptoms. I would feel a sense of peace after each session knowing that she could not only discover but reset imbalances that weren’t detected on other health tests but that explained my symptoms.
As of today I lost 9 pounds, feeling lighter and not craving the usual junk food. Horayyyy! Thank Andrea for making the cleanse so easy. The cookbook helped so much planning my meals, not scrambling the last minute to find something to eat. The weekly lessons are great, well put together. Satisfying my curios mind. 🙂 I think I can make this a yearly cleanse. After the first few days of being out of sorts following the diet became easy.
Since doing the cleanse I’ve noticed that I have more energy and clarity, my itchy skin is almost gone, and I’ve lost approx 4-5lbs. I’ve also discovered that many of the foods I like to eat I do so for emotional reasons and not because my body actually physically craves them. The cleanse was easier than I expected it to be. I didn't have any cravings, just missed certain food for emotional reasons and because they taste good. I felt better overall within 1 week of starting the cleanse.
Every spring I had to endure an annoying little cough almost every time I spoke which usually lasted for a couple of months. Thanks to Andrea’s treatment it’s now the end of May and I haven’t coughed once.
J. L.
My body feels less sluggish, not bloated, and I’m having more bowel movements. I now drink more water, have more energy, and don’t crave sugar as much. I’ve discovered how easy it can be to make meals that fit with the cleanse by just being conscious of what I’m eating. I can see myself eating like this consistently even though the cleanse is done.
I brought my daughter to Holistic Harmony because of our concerns for her immune system. She appeared to be sicker than most. Even when she wasn’t really sick, she didn’t seem to be 100%. After 2-3 months straight of constantly being sick, and her family Doctor unable to find a problem, we went to see Andrea for help. After one session and a mini digestive cleanse, her health is back on track. Her constant snacking had stopped and she had more energy and overall focus. It’s been over 2 months and my daughter not only hasn’t been sick, but her positive habits and attitude have remained. Thank you Andrea for your help, it was the best decision I’ve made for Amaya’s health.
Amaya, 3
With the cleanse, I’ve discovered that awareness is a huge part of eating. I’m now reading labels and being much more conscious of what I put in my body. I absolutely feel less depressed, less mental fog and my negative attitude has shift both at home and at work. Interesting for me, I am more relaxed at work and seem to be less preoccupied at the small things and at home, I am now challenging some beliefs... Andrea, your kindness, support and knowledge has made this part of the journey much easier and I thank you.
Andrea’s BIE treatment is easy, non-invasive, fun and extremely effective. Andrea is friendly, compassionate and competent. She is nonjudgmental yet forthright with her advise to address and resolve your ailment with the BIE treatment and a few lifestyle changes.
My experience with the candida cleanse was fantastic! It was well organized and clear to follow. I lost 11 lbs, now have consistent energy through day, and I’m more aware of habits and feelings around food and meal planning. I enjoyed exploring new foods and recipes. I can’t believe that I don't need coffee to survive. 🙂 I really enjoyed the online group support and one-to-one visits with Andrea. I have recommended this cleanse to many and will continue to do so! There is a whole world of nourishing foods and flavours out there to experience.
Thanks to Andrea’s help, I have a LOT more energy, my joints are not aching, my sinuses are better, I have more clarity, and I’m now sleeping very well.
Robert K.
My daughter suffered with food intolerances that weakened her immune system. After doing the candida cleanse she is now able to eat everything without getting sick. The bonus was doing it with her and after the suffering without caffeine I never felt more energetic and slept great.
I really liked the cleanse. It made me become more aware of the foods that I am eating, especially around sugar and the amount I was eating before the cleanse. I’ve also discovered that I don’t need to have caffeine. We will definitely be keeping some of the new habits up. This is definitely something I would consider doing yearly.
Most of us put a great deal of pressure on ourselves when it comes to dealing with the challenges of losing weight. Andrea gently teaches the tools to change our approach to food and exercise and to making lifestyle changes that promote healthier living. Through weekly lessons on meal planning, nutritional information, importance of exercise, stress management, Andrea offers constant support, guidance, and encouragement in this process making it truly enjoyable. Through Andrea's coaching and support, I have lost the panic feeling around weight loss and feel confident that my eating habits and lifestyle changes are contributing to a healthier me. My cravings for sugar have disappeared and I am not hungry in between meals. For the first time in years, I am losing weight every month, eating more balanced and regular meals, feel healthier and more energetic. For me, this is truly a painless and enjoyable adventure.
Diane LL
When I decided to do the cleanse, I was initially afraid I would be hungry and my portions were way too big. I no longer feel I have any cravings and I'm discovering new taste such as blue corn chips and salsa and non-dairy cheese. I'm also enjoying avocado dressing, chia seeds pudding, homemade hummus and cauliflower pizza crust. I'm now using my crockpot with whole chicken to make my own soup broth was effortless. I did sleep more during the first 10 days and found myself getting back doing the things I enjoy such as swimming, running and workouts. Thanks again!
After the candida cleanse I have no bloating, better skin, more energy, less fatigue, less symptomatic, no sugar cravings, less yeast, better bowel movements, weight loss, and better knowledge of what I'm consuming. Overall I now have better food choices especially for breakfast and snacks. I also really enjoyed the Facebook group 🙂
After doing the candida cleanse, I have no more bloating or gas. My face and hair look much healthier. I had terrible eating habits in the evening - I snacked all night on the wrong foods and went to bed feeling bloated. Eliminating wheat from my diet made a huge difference. I was never prepared so I always grabbed sweet unhealthy snacks. I found Andrea’s encouragement a major driving force behind the success of this cleanse. The weekly emails were great. I must admit that I do feel proud of myself for being able to do the cleanse. The recipes were all very good and they provided a few meals so I always had something in the fridge that I could eat when I was hungry. I would definitely commit to doing this again and would recommend it to others.
Lina D
I’ve notice that my energy has increased, I’ve lost weight loss, my bloating is gone, and my skin is beautiful! I’ve discovered that you can live without coffee and still have increased energy! My mood swings have also decreased immeasurably.
Snooty No More

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