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Thai Restore Yoga

May 29, 2022
4:00 pm
- 5:30 pm

Thai Restore Yoga

What is Thai Restore Yoga?

Ancient Eastern massage practices are the foundations for many healing modalities we see in our western world today. They focus on releasing stagnant energy, or Qi, to balance the flow of life force through energy pathways in the body. Thai massage uses “sen sip” pathways, similar to chakra energy centers in Indian medicine and meridians in TCM, that help guide the practitioner to remove energy blocks that can present themselves in the physical body and surrounding tissues. This technique is focused on compression rather than movement and involves stretching to facilitate muscle and fascial relaxation. Indian head massage focuses on the drainage of toxins in the fluids of the body through light pressure on the cranium and upper neck area that helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to detoxify whilst encouraging free circulation.

In this gentle 90min hands on workshop you will rest & restore your body and mind with Olivia through restorative yoga postures while receiving soft reiki healing energy. Be guided through meditation into a dream-like state while receiving Thai massage & Indian Head massage, and leave feeling supported in your body, blissed out, and rejuvenated!


​When: Sunday, May 29th from 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Cost: $45 + HST

​About Your Host

Olivia is a lighthearted individual who aims to help her clients find ease in their bodies. She fell in love with Thai Massage after taking her Yoga teacher training and has been practicing and teaching for over 6yrs. Her passion for eastern healing arts grew deeper, inspiring her to introduce Indian head massage and Usui reiki into her practice. Her holistic approach to healing is integrative to the body, honoring mind, body, and spirit as a whole. Although she truly enjoys teaching yoga and being playful on her mat, she is most at home in nature. A place where she feels grounded and free to explore her deep connection with the earth’s energy. Olivia offers healing workshops that allow people to awaken their spirituality and connection to their soul, whilst learning to protect and tune in to the guidance from above.

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