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My 6 Most Valuable Lessons

My 6 Most Valuable Lessons

I can hardly believe it’s been 6 years since I started Holistic Harmony. October officially marks my 6th year in private practice and I’m so excited to celebrate with you!

In the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the last 8 years and how much I’ve grown as a person, practitioner, and business owner. And nope that wasn’t a typo… 8 years ago I made the decision to take the first step in following my dreams in wanting to help people in their health journey and I signed up to become a Holistic Nutritionist and went back to school!

Looking back at the person I was back then to who I am today, I can say that I’m really proud of who I’ve become. The amount of growth I’ve done as a person and practitioner in the last 6 years I feel has been nothing short of life changing and really I have you to thank!

Today I wanted to share with you the biggest lessons I feel I’ve learned in the last 6+ years….

1. The gut really is everything (well almost – see lesson #2)

One of the first things I think I learned in school was that gut health is the root of all “dis-eases”. That the types of foods we eat affect out gut flora, which affects our immunity, which affects…well, everything! And honestly, I don’t think it was till I started working with my clients that I really understood the power of our digestive system.

I’ve personally struggled with Candida and yeast overgrowth since I was 2 years old. It wasn’t until I became a Holistic Nutritionist and BioEnergetics Practitioner that I was fully able to understand the process of healing. That there are key components that if our body on a cellular level can’t recognize it doesn’t matter what efforts we put into our health the results will just not be what we expect.

However, when I started working with my clients in helping them heal their digestive system, this is when the magic really started to happen. They would come back for a follow up session, feeling great, and when I would re-test them (using muscle testing) on the things that had come up in the previous session they were all balanced. A good 80-90% of the health issues that were showing initially had just “disappeared”.

And not just once, almost everyone!

As a practitioner we often neglect out own needs. I wasn’t following up with myself on my own progress as frequently as I was with my clients. When I went back to my own issues they too had healed!

I knew the body was able to self heal, but I think I was just shocked and super excited at how fast the process actually worked! 

This is when I put together my Candida CRUSH 30 Day Digestive Cleanse. And since then, I’ve just been watching people get amazing results in just 30 days! I say watching because they’re the ones doing all the work. I might be the catalyst that helps them start, but all the hard work is done by them, in their kitchens, and in their gut!

Note: This January will mark my 5th annual group cleanse. So keep an eye out for more information starting in December if you want to join me! For more info read more here!

As we continued to work through their health journey, a deeper level of healing was needed to allow them to continue to heal. And this brings me to my 2nd lesson…

2. The Emotional Connection

Although I’ve been working with emotions with my clients since the beginning, it’s definitely not to the same level I am now. Initially I would work with the emotions that would show up as being blocked, or that they were stuck on. Using the BIE Process, I would help them move through the emotions more freely. But that had its limits.

I knew there was deeper healing needed, but I didn’t know how I could help them further.

This is when I was introduced to Rubimed Psychosomatic Energetics. I was first introduced for my own personal benefit in helping to release my emotional blocks. But after my first round of remedies I knew this was something I needed to bring into my practice to help my clients as well!

Whether it was from anxiety to physical ailments that no matter what physical work was done would not improve, I knew I needed a something more to help people move through emotional blocks that were manifesting in physical issues.

Working with the Rubimed process and remedies I’ve seen great results with my clients on a physical, mental and emotional level. This was the missing link!
Unless we’re working through the emotional baggage that we’re carrying around, there is only a certain level of healing we’ll be able to reach.

Gut Health + Emotional Health = Optimal Health!

To read more about the Rubimed Psychosomatic Energetics click here!

3. Energy is a magical thing

What’s been able to help me help all my clients has been the use of the body’s energy, often via muscle testing. 

The principles of muscle testing (aka. applied kinesiology) is at it’s core quantum physics. Even with all my math classes I took in my 2.5 years in the Engineering program, explaining quantum physics isn’t easy. And this is mostly because people have a hard time understanding what they can’t see.

However, just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. And for the most part we understand the basic concepts of energy.

One of my most favorite things as a Holistic Practitioner is watching my clients’ reactions when I energetically test them for the first time. It truly is pure magic!

Although I’ve had some amazing facial expressions when people first experience how the energy flows within their body, one of the best verbal responses was: “Do you just go around blowing people’s mind all day?” 🤯 LOL! I loved that response! And yes, yes I do! 🤓

Being able to not only show people that their body’s energy is having at every given moment an energetic interaction with everything around them, but that we’re able to change how the body interacts with other frequencies really is extraordinary and mind blowing!

4. Trust Intuition

As a Holistic Nutritionist and BioEnergetic Practitioner, there is a certain level of “Voodoo” that people assume is involved. Especially when I’m working with energy.

Coming from a mix of Chemical Engineering + Science University Degree and a highly educated family, I felt the need to explain everything I was doing scientifically. Where is the proof? How does it work? …

I got a lot of questions from my family when I decided to leave the corporate world to pursue a life of Holistic Healing. And it was good for me. (Thanks Mom! 😉) Being able to explain the process scientifically is important, but it definitely holds less weight that I used to give it.

Not only have I embraced my intuition, but I’m no longer shy to use it in session. Whether that’s doing pendulum work with my clients, trusting my energy testing results, and even things that I can’t explain in words.

This confidence actually came when I was going a course that I needed to determine my super power and they suggested asking your clients. I was overwhelmed by all the kind words and the resounding message was Intuitive Empath. It was after that activity that I feel I was able to fully embrace it! So thank YOU!

5. Never stop working on self (body, mind, spirit)

I was first introduced to Holistic Nutrition and BioEnergetics in my own quest for healing. In my early 20’s my health really started to fall apart. I was struggling with serious digestive imbalances, food sensitivities, and my quality of life was really starting to be affected.

After I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and received my Holistic Nutritionist Degree, I didn’t know if I was ready to start practicing yet. I waited over a full year before I started my private practice because I felt that I didn’t know enough and that I wasn’t healed yet.

But after that year of working in the corporate world and feeling worse not better, I decided that there was never a perfect time and I just had to go for it! And with the support of Dano (husband, then boyfriend), I was able to jump in with both feet.

As most health practitioners (especially holistic ones) we often get into the field because of our own struggles. Through our own journey we make huge discoveries that we want to share with the world and help others who are struggling as we were.

This is why my journey to health and whole wellbeing will never end. Because if it does it means I’ve stopped learning. The growth of my practice is a direct reflection of my growth in myself. As I continue to heal the various levels within myself I’m able to help others as well.

I’m always working on my body via the foods I feed myself. Always being mindful of the quality of the foods that I choose to feel my physical body for those foods also feed my mind and soul as well.

I work on my mind by being mindful of the internal dialogue that is constantly going on inside my head. Always working at pushing out the negative thoughts or beliefs that no longer serve me and replacing them with positive ones and ones that make me smile from the inside out.

And I work on nourishing my spirit by honoring what I feel called to do. Whether that’s adding in something into my daily personal practice such as meditation or switching up how my business runs as well. Always trying to honor that what I’m doing is best for my soul and will lead me to my highest purpose and truth.

And all of you help me with this. Which brings us to my 6th lesson…

6. My clients are my best teachers

Without you, Holistic Harmony would not be, and neither would I be the person I am today.

For every person that I help on their health journey is in turn helping me to grow as a person and a practitioner. I’m always learning form my clients. Helping to guide each one of you on your healing journey of health is how I continue to grow and learn. 

Another big lesson in school that we were taught was that every person has their own bio-individuality. That no 2 people are ever the same. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. And although I definitely see patterns within people, their journey to health is always different.

So thank you! Each of you! For being unique. For trusting and allowing me to help guide you on this journey of ours. Thank you for your willingness to learn because it also fuels my ability to learn more about what makes your body tick as well!

Thank you for being so amazing. I honestly have the best clients anyone could ask for.

And thank you for your support in these last 6 years. For continuing to grow with me. I’m truly blessed 💗

Much Love, Truly

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