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What is BIE?

What is BIE?

In this world, where almost anything and everything can be at our fingertips in a matter of minutes, I’m blessed that all my wonderful clients have found me, through various means. Although a proud introvert, I’m not very “out there” in social media (although I’m really trying to put myself out there more so people like you can find me!), so most of my clients come from word of mouth.

My clients quickly learn of my big heart, that I love hugs, how cool quantum physics is (that’s technically what we’re using! Ie. Energy work!) and most importantly that my goal is to help everyone self heal. After working with me and having great results, they then want me to help their friends, family members, etc., and for this I’m truly grateful for this is what fuels my business. So thank you!! ❤️

But if you’re one of my clients, you know…it’s really hard to explain what it is I do to others! And often I hear when new people come in from referrals that their friends say: “Just go! Trust me!” And for all those coming in trusting your friends, thank you!! 

Because what I do; my services, scope of practice, the tools that I use, and even the legality of the words I’m allowed to use in writing, it can be really hard to explain how it works without showing you in person! This is why I offer a free 20 min consultation to anyone wanting more information and not sure how it all works.

But today I’m going to try to explain it further! 🤓

BIE = BioEnergetics

The term BioEnergetics refers to the study of the transformation of energy in living organisms.

If we go back to the basics of science, we’re all made of atoms which are made of electrons, protons and neutrons, each giving them a charge. And since everything is made of electrons, we all have our own charge or frequency at which we resonate at. Like ripples in water.

These unique frequencies – of the individual, of the plant pollens, of apples, or milk, or even cat dander, are constantly interacting with each other every day. Most of the time we don’t notice anything.

You might have noticed more and more people using terms like “this doesn’t resonate with me” or “I don’t like their energy” or even “that person drained my energy”. Although you might not realize it, but these are all describing the same ideas and principles of BioEnergetics. That we are energy that is constantly interacting with other energies; some good, some bad, some uplifting and fueling, and some draining.

The concept of energy, vibration, and frequency also applies of course to emotions. Each emotion has its own vibration; positive ones have high vibrations and negative ones have low vibrations. When we get stuck in a certain emotion, especially negative ones, you open yourself up to various potential negative health effects and diseases which thrive in these lower vibrations. For more information on how to work through emotional blocks, click here to read up on the Psychosomatic Energetics and Rubimed Modality.

In a perfect world, we would all interact with each other without any adverse reactions. However, it’s never that simple and negative reactions happen all the time, some more severe than others. It’s these energetic interactions that can create the symptoms we have come to know as allergies.

As a BioEnergetics Practitioner, I’m using your body’s energy to determine whether or not a certain substance (such as pollens, gluten, dogs, etc.) is creating an adverse effect within your body – therefore becoming a ‘stressor’ to your health.

The adverse effects that each individual experience from interactions with the stressors can all be different, from stuffy noses and asthmatic symptoms to digestive bloating and upset and so forth.

There are 4 main “tools” that I use.

Testing vials

1. My Testing Method: I use a simple, very quick and effective testing method called Muscle Testing. This type of testing also goes by the names of applied kinesiology or biofeedback testing and is used by a range of practitioners such as Chiropractors, Osteopaths, physiotherapists, etc. The way that it works is that a muscle is isolated and tested with the frequency of a possible stressor to see if it creates a strengthening response, or a weakening response. (I use your fingers)

2. My Testing Vials: I have over 2200 individual vials that have been energetically imprinted with the specific frequency of the substance they’re representing. These are what I use to help identify which vibrations/substances specifically someone is reacting to.

GSR-120 Machine

3. The GSR-120D Machine: The BIE Process uses this special patented instrument which allows me to reintroduce the signature frequency of the substances we’re working with (the vials) back into the body as a type of cellular re-education resulting in self-healing and alleviated suffering! This is where all the magic happens!

4. My Pendulum: I use a Pendulum to help me in various ways throughout your session. It helps to guide me to what percentage of health your organs are functioning at, what products might be best, and even a chakra rebalancing before the BIE session with the GSR Maching! 

Now for an example of how it would work, a lot of people suffer from seasonal allergies and mid-August is when Ragweed starts to mature and release its pollens. If a person suffering from Ragweed allergies came in for a BIE Treatment, we would test them to identify which of the specific species of the Ragweed family that they’re reacting to (there are many!). During the testing method, the species creating the symptoms would create a weakening effect of the muscle allowing us to identify which of the many culprits we need to work on. I would then use the specific vials identified and use the GSR-120D to reintroduce those frequencies via specific BioEnergetic pathways on the body. This is when we’re re-educating the cells on an energetic level to what that substance is, allowing for energy blockages to be cleared and balance to be re-established.

The BioEnergetic pathways are known as meridians and allow energetic signals to flow continuously through and around the body. Once the body is in balance, all aspects can work optimally, and suffering and symptoms are alleviated naturally!

Note that this testing process is non-invasive, painless, easy, and safe for your entire family – including children (>6months), and your pets! Needles are not used in this process and you’re never exposed directly to any of the substances being tested.

I hope this helped explain the process a little better. 🤓

Interested in seeing if the BIE Process can help you with your health struggles and goals? Book in your free 20 minute consultation below. This is where I can show you exactly how the process works and I go over your Whole Body Health profile to see where the main imbalances are within you!

Much Love,

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